Story of my life

Hey Procrastinators! Here’s your Tuesday playlist! Google Play Music

Oh, you thought I was serious?

Hey Procrastinators! Happy Sunday, and here’s a playlist to start your week off. Google Play Music

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The colors all bled together

Hey procrastinators! Sorry for having been gone longer than normal, we’ve been trying to figure out a few things about when new posts will come out. From here on out you can expect a new playlist to be posted every Sunday, Tuesday, and Thursday consistently, with other random updates and info filling in periodically. To make up for the lack …

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An Inconvenient Death: Pt. 3

Hey Procrastinators! Here is the third part to the Inconvenient Death trilogy, Life Goes On.  We hope you enjoy it! Google Play

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Featured Artist – Grow Rich

  Google Play My name is Abdur Rahim Latada but you can always call me Oyi. I live in Jakarta Indonesia. I’m a music creator and the sole member of a one-man-band project named Grow Rich I’ve been around with a few Jakarta bands such as Nervous Breakdown, Ultra Enigma etc, before I decided to go solo with my musical project.  Most journalists and music lovers …

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An Inconvenient Death pt 2: Family First

Here’s part 2 of the Inconvenient Death trilogy. Look out for part 3 soon. Google Play

Happy New Year

Hey procrastinators, here’s a playlist to ring in 2018. Hope you enjoy it, and 2018 is everyone’s year! Google Play