Penny for your thoughts

Hey Procrastinators! Hope your week is going well, here’s your Tuesday playlist to keep you going, Penny for your thoughts. Google Play Music

srettam gnihton

Hey Procrastinators! We’ve got your Sunday Playlist right here! Start your week off right and put things off til later with us! Google Play Music

Smooth like butter

Hey Procrastinators!  Here’s your Tuesday playlist, Smooth like butter.  Hope you enjoy it! Google Play Music

Fuck! I’m tired

Hey Procrastinators! Here’s playlist to get your week started! Google Play Music

Stephen Glansberg

Hey Procrastinators! Here’s another playlist for you. Enjoy Google Play Music

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Featured Artist: Alchemists

Hey there procrastinators! This month’s featured artist, Alchemists, Hails from Downriver Michigan. Here’s a what they had to say about the playlist they’ve put together for us: Google Play Music We’re Alchemists, a Metro Detroit based band who offer a crunchy, raw sound that plans on taking the listener on an emotional ride while forgetting their seat belt. We embrace compassion …

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What even?

Hey there procrastinators! We’ve got a new playlist for you to start your week! And don’t forget to come back on Tuesday for the release of February’s featured artist playlist! Google Play Music

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And my Mind is on the floor

Hey there Procrastinators!  We’ve got your Thursday playlist right here, it’s a good one, so go ahead and listen through it once, or twice, or a few hundred times. Have a good weekend. Google Play Music

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I feel like I’ve been here before

Happy Tuesday Procrastinators!  Here we are with a playlist to help you go into the day that feels like you’re in a loop. Google Play Music