Weird Weekend: Somber Sunday

Hey there procrastinators! Here’s another one for the weird weekend series, Somber Sunday Google Play Music

I forgot what day it was

Hey Procrastinators! Sorry this one was a bit late, the title explains it all. Google Play Music

Love is blind, but theft is real.

Hey there procrastinators!! It’s the start of another week, so, here’s another playlist to take you into it. Google Play Music

Weird Weekend: Saturday at 7

Hey Procrastinators!  We’ve got your Thursday playlist right here, Saturday at 7! Google Play Music      

I think my reflection winked at me

Hey Procrastinators! Here’s your Tuesday playlist. Enjoy Google Play Music

Night time makes up half of all time

Hey Procrastinators!  Here’s your Sunday playlist to start your week off! Google Play Music

Weird Weekend: Friday Morning Come Down

Hey Procrastinators! Google Play Music

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Featured Artist: Senora

Hey there Procrastinators! Today we have March’s Featured Artist, Senora.  Senora is a singer/songwriter out of Detroit, Michigan.  Here’s what she had to say about the playlist she put together for us: Google Play Music I’m an artist who is truly in it for the music. I love! I can’t imagine a day, a minute, or a second without it.  It …

Get √ P/R

Hey Procrastinators! Here’s a playlist to start your week off with a little energy. Get Amped! Google Play Music