You don’t need a couch when you’ve got you

Hey Procrastinators! We’ve got a new playlist for you to start off your week; You don’t need a couch when you’ve go you.  

Travel Series: Pt. 7

Hey there procrastinators! Part 7 to the travel series; I bought a blanket in Mexico. Google Play Music

Take a look at my night shorts

Hey there procrastinators! Have listen to the playlist we have for you today; Take a look at my night shorts. Google Play Music

Call me Dr. Moustache

Hey Procrastinators! Hears a new playlist for your ear holes!

Travel Series: Pt. 6

Hey there procrastinators! Here’s a new addition to the travel series; Spilled my guts in Mismaloya. Enjoy! Google Play Music

Weird Weekend: Monday mosh party

Hey there procrastinators! Another day, another addition to the weird weekend series; Monday mosh party! Google Play Music

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Featured Artist: The Zippliner

Hey there Procrastinators! We have this month’s featured artist, Zippliner. He’s put together a pretty awesome playlist for this month. Here’s what he had to say about it. Jon Hopkins – Open Eye Signal How do you combine chill-out, atmospheric synth pads with a nasty, gritty, heavy bass and have it sound dope as hell? apparently Jon Hopkins knows. Jim …

The greatest villains think they’re the hero

Hey there procrastinators! Here we’ve got your Sunday playlist to start your week off! We hope you enjoy it, and keep an eye out for this month’s featured artist. Google Play Music

A punch to the head

Hey there procrastinators! We’ve got your Thursday playlist to take you into the weekend, A punch to the head. Google Play Music