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Halloween III

Hey there procrastinators! We know we’re a day early, but, it’s Halloween so here’s this week’s playlist, Halloween III.


Hey there procrastinators!  We’ve got this week’s playlist here for you; Skylord.

Reckless Momentum

Hey there procratinators! Here’s this week’s playlist for you; Reckless Momentum

The earth is a time bomb

Hey there procrastinators! We’ve got this week’s playlist here for you; The earth is a time bomb.

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Featured Artist: HAXXER

Some songs that are really important to HAXXER (pronounced hacker) would have to be Cheated Hearts by the Yeah, Yeah, Yeahs, and Annie by Foxx Bodies. The first concert I can remember going to was to see The Yeah, Yeah, Yeahs. At age 5, the concert blew my mind, exposed me to the first songs I got stuck in my …

Hey, hold my beer

Hey there procrastinators!  We’re coming at you with this week’s playlist, Hey, hold my beer.