Sorry I was late

Hey there procrastinators!  Here’s this week’s playlist for you; Sorry I was late. We hope you enjoy it.

I don’t know how to feel today

Hey there procrastinators! here’s this week’s playlist for you; I don’t know how to feel today. We hope you enjoy it.

Shatner, comma, kind of, life

Hey there procrastinators! We’ve got this week’s playlist for you, Shatner, comma, kind of, life. We hope you enjoy it.

Drawing Maps

Hey there procrastinators! Here is this week’s playlist for you; Drawing Maps!  We hope that you enjoy it.

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Album Review: Fragile State – The Winter Tape

In mid-2018, Fragile State released their debut EP “Promo 2018.” The album was an amalgamation of Midwestern emo, easy core, and some good ol’ fashioned thrash punk. It sounded like something Rise or Die Trying-era Four Year Strong would have released, sans synth. As one of my favorite releases of 2018, I was concerned to hear that the band would …

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Happy New Year

Hey there procrastinators!  With the new year, we’re going to be introducing new content, new contributors, and a few changes that we think you’re going to enjoy. And to start us off we’ve got a new playlist for you this week, from one of our newest members, The Platypus. We hope you enjoy it, and stick with us as we …