Platypus: I was made this way

Hi there procrastinators!  Here is this week’s playlist.  As you might have noticed, the name is a little different.  Moving forward, we will be updating  individual contributor’s playlists monthly. You’ll still get a new playlist every week, the difference, now, will be that if when you follow a particular contributor’s playlist, you’ll stay followed to it, and it will get …

It Was Thirty Degrees Warmer Two Days Ago

Hey there Procrastinators!  We’ve got this week’s regularly scheduled playlist here for you; It Was Thirty Degrees Warmer Two Days Ago. We hope you enjoy it.

Stop, breathe, count to ten…then run away

Hey there procrastinators!! Here’s this week’s playlist for you; Stop, breathe, count to ten…then run away.  We hope you enjoy it.

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Artist Interview: Superdestroyer

  -RetterAM I thought to start off we would begin with four W’s and an H, for how do you began. So, who is Superdestroyer. -Superdestroyer Superdestroyer is just me, I kind of keep myself anonymous, but my name is John and I pretty much do it all, so… not much else to say about it I suppose. -R When …

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Featured Artist: Fragile State

Hey there Procrastinators! We have a brand new featured artist here for you today; Fragile State, who from Central Ohio. They took the time to put together a playlist for us and did just a bit of writing to tell us about why they chose the songs that they did. Bradon: Silverstein – Smile in Your Sleep Discovering the Waterfront …

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Album Review: Draft Evader – Cashed

Following their EP, Hound Dog, Draft Evader’s Cashed is both a return to form and new experiment for the band’s sound.  If Hound Dog  is the introspective questions posed during an existential crisis, Cashed is the energetic answer to those questions, illustrating a need to suck it up, put the past behind you, and deal with the issues at hand in whatever …

Beats & Verbosity

Hey there procrastinators, check out this week’s playlist; Beats & Verbosity.