Album Review: American Spirits – No One Cares About Your Band

On their sophomore release, American Spirits refine the sound introduced on their debut EP “Nowhere Near Perfect” by creating a more cohesive, energetic, and polished collection of songs. With a catchy blend of Midwestern twinkle and mid-90s post-grunge pop-rock the Bowling Green, Ohio quartet creates an album that ensconces you in a nostalgic haze dripping with sentimentality, self-reflection, and unease that captures the aimlessness of being a 20-something in 2018. Reminiscent of Dikembe’s “Chicago Bowls,” the album oscillates between explosive, chaotic, jangly guitar riffs and bass driven mid-tempo rock, resulting in a cohesive album with a satisfying pacing that plays like a single song performed in 5 parts. While the 13 minute EP explores nostalgia, depression, and regret, it never feels indulgent, and often seizes opportunities to find the silver-linings in the things that haunt many of us. While it certainly fits into any Midwestern Emo fan’s library, it would fit equally well alongside the Hold Steady’s “Stay Positive”, or Everclear’s “So Much For The Afterglow.” With its catchy choruses and memorable riffs, this is an album you’ll be playing on repeat for the foreseeable future.

Be sure to check this album out when it releases on December 1st.  And be on the lookout for their music video releasing later this month!

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