Album Review: Draft Evader – Cashed

Following their EP, Hound Dog, Draft Evader’s Cashed is both a return to form and new experiment for the band’s sound.  If Hound Dog  is the introspective questions posed during an existential crisis, Cashed is the energetic answer to those questions, illustrating a need to suck it up, put the past behind you, and deal with the issues at hand in whatever way you can. With that new positive energy, Draft Evader brings along a sound that is a mashup of post-grunge, pop-punk, and old school hard rock that would feel at home with the likes of Neck Deep, My Chemical Romance, Rise Against and Nirvana. As the catchiest release to date, if Cashed is a sign of things to come, Draft Evader is going to be a band to watch for 2019.  Be sure to check it out when it releases on February, 12.

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