Album Review: Tomorrow’s Tessellations – The Cosmic Cowboy Cabaret

The Cosmic Cowboy Cabaret is the latest addition to the catalog of music produced by the LA based musical project, Tomorrow’s Tessellations.  They describe their music as bringing together an eclectic mixture of smooth indie rock, new wave, garage rock, and grandiose theatrical rock, and all of those elements are certainly present in this release.  The first song and title track sets the stage for the album with a vibe reminiscent of a 1960’s era western complete with an up tempo, Spanish style guitar, horns, and a heady string ensemble.  This intro transitions right into another throwback style that hearkens back to the surf style music similar to The Beach Boys or The Hollies. The album almost feels like a floating journey of musical styles through decades past, spanning from the 60’s, with songs like Everybody Else, through the 90’s, like in their track Tommy Wiseau Is the Patron Saint of Hollywood, which also happens to end in a pretty slick guitar solo. Even with this breadth of musical styles being present, however, the album has a flow to it that doesn’t leave one scratching their head wondering how they got to where they are from the previous track.  All in all, this reviewer would say that The Cosmic Cowboy Cabaret has a little bit of everything and is worth giving some attention to.

It’s available now on all of the major music platforms. Go ahead and check it out:

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