Album Review: Tunnel Songs – Tales From The Thrift

On his debut EP Tales From the Thrift, northeastern Ohio musician Dominic Martin, who records as Tunnel Songs, makes an argument for why he is one of the most exciting new musicians in Midwestern emo. Recorded, mixed, and mastered by Dominic, the album serves as a token of his affection for DIY emo as much as it does for the person to whom the album is being sung. With warm riffs that would fit perfectly on a There Their They’re record and lyrics that explore longing, unrequited love, and uncertainty, this album sounds like it was designed to be heard with snow crunching under your feet as you walk alone through the city looking at the trees that have shed their leaves for winter. Exploring the pain of isolation, Tales From the Thrift is surprisingly cozy, creating a sonic comfort blanket for those ailing from the pains of growing up. This is helped by the fact that Dominic’s baritone voice emotes a sincerity that makes listening to the songs feel as though you’re catching up with an old friend. All in all, the album is a must listen for anyone who likes upbeat Midwestern emo.
Tales From the Thrift, which was originally released on November 2nd, is now available on cassette through a collaboration between Community Radio Tapes and Beach Cats Records.

You can support Tunnel Songs buy purchasing the tapes here.

Or to listen to the album go here.

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