Superdestroyer: A Droning Summer Day Pts. 1 & 2

Hey there procrastinators! Check out this week’s playlist; A droning Summer Day. We hope you enjoy it.

It Was Thirty Degrees Warmer Two Days Ago

Hey there Procrastinators!  We’ve got this week’s regularly scheduled playlist here for you; It Was Thirty Degrees Warmer Two Days Ago. We hope you enjoy it.

I don’t know how to feel today

Hey there procrastinators! here’s this week’s playlist for you; I don’t know how to feel today. We hope you enjoy it.

You can’t say that Superdestroyer deosn’t love you

Hey there procrastinators! Here’s this week’s playlist for you; You can’t say that Superdestroyer doesn’t love you.

2018 – Someone told me that was a good year

Hey there procrastinators! Here’s a look back at the year 2018

I can hear my bones

Hey there procrastinators! Sorry this playlist is a little late, but here it is nonetheless; I can hear my bones.

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Halloween III

Hey there procrastinators! We know we’re a day early, but, it’s Halloween so here’s this week’s playlist, Halloween III.

The earth is a time bomb

Hey there procrastinators! We’ve got this week’s playlist here for you; The earth is a time bomb.

Travel Series: Chicago

Hey there procrastinators!  Here we have this week’s playlist, and it’s another installment in the travel series; Chicago.