Featured Artist: Absinthe Father

Hey there Procrastinators! We have a brand new featured artist here for you today; absinthe father, who comes out of Philadelphia. PA. They took the time to put together a playlist for us and did just a bit of writing to tell us about why they chose the songs that they did.

Here’s what they had to say about the songs on the playlist:

1. Best I Ever Had (Grey Sky Morning) by Vertical Horizon
I remember listening to this record on my old walkman all day every day. The nostalgia I feel while listening to this song in particular is so strong, it has made me cry in very recent history. Vertical Horizon is a criminally underrated band, and will forever hold a special place in my heart.
2. Straight On by Heart
The first concert I ever went to was Cheap Trick, Heart, and Journey with my mom on I believe my 13th birthday. The only thing I wanted for the Christmas prior to the concert was a copy of Dog & Butterfly, which I played so frequently in my boombox I would catch my mom humming it around the house. Nancy and Ann Wilson are two of my heroes, as are my mom and aunt, also named Nancy and Anne.
3. All That I’ve Got by The Used
I played this on repeat on my green iPod nano for an entire summer in middle school. This was the first song I ever bought digitally with my own money.
4. Drink My Rivers by Andy Shauf
The last time I had sex was a long time ago, before I got clean and sober and was with someone who was in town playing a show I had met a couple of times before. We talked more intimately than people I had known for years and laid on my friend’s couch for hours afterward trading songs. This was one of them.
5. God of Wine by Third Eye Blind
I am a recovering addict and alcoholic, and like most 3EB songs, this deals with a lot of issues I’ve been struggling with.
6. Tarifa by Sharon Van Etten
I tried to play music with some friends from college before I started learning how to play guitar, and this song was introduced to me through that. It’s stuck with me for the past 3 years, and Sharon Van Etten is one of my biggest influences.
7. Special Affair by The Internet
Syd, formerly known as Syd Tha Kyd, was the first musician I really related to as a queer person. Syd has faced a lot of backlash from the gay community, the one group of people we should feel safe with. I empathize with that heavily. I tend to feel like I am often still read as a woman even though I have been openly nonbinary for a long time. That, coupled with having relationships with people who are perceived as men, makes me feel invalidated and ostracized from a lot of other queer people who tend to gatekeep the community.
8. How They Want Me To Be by Best Coast
I would not be playing music if I had not met Bethany Cosentino. This song (and many of her others) feels like it was written about me.
9. effective. Power by Origami Angel
Ryland is the best songwriter I know and I am so lucky to be friends with him. I think one of the best lines I’ve ever heard is “I’m too broken to be with you / But I’m too scared to be alone / I’m too small to feel uneven / I’m too fragile for control.” I want to write like this. I want to play like this. Origami Angel forever.
10. Carry The Zero by Built to Spill
“You’ve become what you thought was dumb.” I have struggled with social acceptability my entire life, and have, countless times, found myself trying to fit in with people and places I never wanted to be associated with in the first place.
11. Drainage by Joyce Manor
This was the second song I ever learned on guitar when I was 22. It is also my favorite Joyce Manor song.
12. My Favorite Mistake by Sheryl Crow
I saw Sheryl Crow with my mom on my 20th birthday and she was wearing these red leather pants and basically I am very gay and Sheryl Crow can shred. My family and I have a strained relationship that I desperately want to work on, but need to work on myself first. This song reminds me of when things were good.
13. Coat of Many Colors by Dolly Parton
I’ve been made fun of for different things all my life, and this song makes me content in the insecurities projected onto me. I love Dolly so much.
14. nothing by Queer Kevin
I would not be alive without Felix and Dylan. Felix is the best person I have ever met in my entire life and they make the best music I have ever heard. Queer Kevin is my favorite band and one day I hope to be able to pay them back for all of the support they have shown me. The way Felix writes about their trauma makes everyone in the room feel connected. I love them with my entire being and could type an essay on why they deserve the world, but instead, I’ll just urge everyone to listen to them, catch a show, and give them all the money in the world so that they can continue to make this music and get the recordings they deserve.
15. Holy by Jamila Woods
Jamila Woods is an inspiration. No words would be enough. She does amazing work with young adults who write poetry in Chicago as well, so please check her myriad of works out.
16. Halah by Mazzy Star
I would let Hope Sandoval run me over with a tank and then I would express my deepest gratitude for doing so.
17. Cooler Pt 2 by Gleemer
I got to watch this band every day for a month while we were touring together, and every night they got better and better. Corey is one of the most talented people in the industry right now, whether it be playing, mixing, mastering, or just sharing songs he likes. We text recommendations back and forth at least a few times a week and he has been so supportive of me. Gleemer is probably in my top 10 bands of all time and it’s incredibly rewarding to have such a reciprocal friendship with someone I look up to so heavily.
18. Never Enuff by Mansions
This song is another one of those ones that feel like it was written about my life, especially in regards to my ex-boyfriend. I am in constant pursuit of feeling like I am enough for people, and I wonder if I will ever feel like I am.
19. Good To Be Alone by Theo Katzman
I got hard ghosted by the person who showed me this song so naturally I played it on a loop when I was heading home from tour and cried the entire drive.
20. If It Means A Lot to You by A Day To Remember
I want to preface this by saying that I was recently told that ADTR has a shady past, nothing as bad as a lot of what has been shared about other bands (as far as I know) and I also don’t know anything for sure so I’m very torn on whether I should continue to support them. They’ve been my second favorite band, in betewen Third Eye Blind and Slipknot for a very long time, so it would be hard not to include them in this list, but I did feel the need to share that I’m struggling with them right now. This song was my aforementioned ex-boyfriend and my song, which, in hindsight, should have been a sign that things were not going to work out. We dated the majority of my adolescence and partially into my adulthood. I only recently revealed to some people close to me a small bit of the true nature of that relationship, but I think if anyone listens to my music they can pretty easily figure out how bad it was. This song hurts to listen to, but it’s also a reminder that I am still alive and he can’t hurt me anymore. Reclaiming this song and band for myself has been very important in healing. I’m grateful.

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