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My name is Abdur Rahim Latada but you can always call me Oyi. I live in Jakarta Indonesia. I’m a music creator and the sole member of a one-man-band project named Grow Rich

I’ve been around with a few Jakarta bands such as Nervous Breakdown, Ultra Enigma etc, before I decided to go solo with my musical project. 

Most journalists and music lovers who listened to my music tell me that they can see the vibe of 90’s alternative rock in Grow Rich’s first EP release. The EP contains two tracks “Cash to Kyodo” and “Cirrus the Virus”. People have also said that they can hear elements of Punk Rock, Shoegaze, Noise Rock, and Psychedelic Pop in the songs. 
So the question, what kind of music has had a profound effect for my creativity and my life as an audio artist? 
Some of these songs not only influence my musicianship, but are also my all time favorite tracks because I love the music or simply dig the message inside the lyrics. Some of them sing something which is very relative to my life and some of them simply appear because the music is perfect to boost my ever changing mood.

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