Featured Artist: Red Foreman

Hey Procrastinators! This month’s featured artist, Red Foreman, hails from the Edwardsville, Illinois area and has put together a playlist of some of his favorite and influential artists. Here’s what he had to say about it:

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Alex Robert Baker has been recording music as Red Foreman since December 2016 when he graduated college.

“When I was ten years old, my uncle gave me this huge box with hundreds of cds in it. All of the things he’s ever owned. I got into The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Pearl Jam, The Beastie Boys and so many other things that blew my mind.

Junior high was a terrible time but I got into pop punk pretty heavy at the time. My favorite band was Boys Like Girls. Their first album still rips! I saw them last year and it was awesome.

In high school, my favorite bands were The Maine, Citizen, Jack’s Mannequin, The Strokes, and The Wonder Years. After going to school for music production and engineering, I met so many people that introduced me to new stuff.

I saw Smidley on the December 14th, 2016 at a house show and on the next night I saw Foxing. Those nights inspired me to start playing shows and writing again.

For about half a year, I got to intern with the producer that was responsible for creating one of my favorite albums (The Albatross – Foxing). Ryan Wasoba owns Bird Cloud Recordings in Edwardsville, Illinois. I’m currently working on the first Red Foreman album with him. It’s good.

In February of this year, I went to Toledo to record my first EP, “The Universe Doesn’t Give A Shit About You” with Mat Kerekes from Citizen. We recorded it in five days. Which is also how long I gave myself to write the songs after losing all my demos the night before I was supposed to leave. It came out on Valentine’s Day. The whole recording experience for that was insane. I got to meet so many cool people through Mat and working with the dude that made my favorite album of 2016 didn’t even seem real. He played drums on the whole thing and that was totally when he was having the most fun. It was awesome just jamming with him in his house and making the first batch of songs I’d ever release into the world. It seemed like two friends hanging out after school starting a band.

I’ve been recording about four demos a day for the last two months and the first Red Foreman album is almost done. I plan on releasing a shitload of music next year. A couple splits are planned, three EPs, and the album.

In January, I’m releasing a split with Tranquility, one of my favorite bands from Toledo. They’re the homies and the dudes also play in a band with my friend Chris called The Flats. They’re both incredible bands and you should check out their music.

My favorite bands right now are BROCKHAMPTON, Oso Oso, Smidley, Turnover, and Sorority Noise. I listen to Frank Ocean and Tyler, the Creator on a daily basis.

I try to just make the most honest music I can. I want people to know it’s okay to be open about shit that makes them uncomfortable and depressed. I write everything completely to help myself get through things. It’s so wild to me that people listen to my stuff and relate to it but it’s so awesome and it’s the best feeling i’ve ever experienced.
I got super inspired by a boyband called BROCKHAMPTON this year and they were the reason my best friend and I started making music videos to go along with the songs I was creating. I think my favorite part of all this has been inspiring other people to do the things they want to do just because i’m doing the things i want to do with my life. I’m finally happy for the first time and it’s not an every day thing but starting this band and making music has been the most amazing thing i’ve ever done and i can’t wait for all the cool shit i’m going to do with it.”

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