Featured Artist: Rhett Repko

Hey there Procrastinators! We have a brand new featured artist here for you today; Rhett Repko who comes out of Annapolis, MD. They took the time to put together a playlist for us and did just a bit of writing to tell us about why they chose the songs that they did.

Here’s what they had to say about some of the songs from the playlist:

4. MILK – THE 1975
INTO THE GROOVE – I never understood Madonna completely until I looked up video’s of her performing live. Then I instantly understood it, and this song became a favorite. Whenever I feel down I’m just like c’mon boy get into the groove and start dancing to this Madonna song. Haha.
RIDE – This song opened me up even further to modern pop music and the production behind it. It made me understand that you can mix alternative and pop to create something unique yet widely relatable and enjoyable.
BACK TO BLACK – when in doubt. go back to black. Amy Winehouse said it best.
MILK – hearing an old the 1975 song just reminds me of us in Andy’s living room just playing good music in an innocent state not worrying about producing a heavy – hitting single. Just something that’s fun to jam out to and play.
KISS – I remember hearing this song in my car and thinking what even is this?? But a friend turned it up and started dancing to it and seeing that made me want to dance to it also. I think it’s a really unique song that’s just fun and it knows what it is. It made me fall deeper in love with 80’s style music.


1. Beware – Deftones
2. Pride-Manchester Orchestra
3. Over and Out-Alkaline Trio
4. Artist in the Ambulance-Thrice
5. Small Change-Tom Waits
Beware – If you listen to the Deftones, you might know from personal experience what darkness frontman Chino Moreno has survived. The lyrics “beware the water” scarred themselves in my heart at an early age in the throes of discovering darkness and learning how to ride the waves. I learned how surf my emotions and live in the house of change listening to the Deftones.

Pride – Vocalist and manic mastermind Andy Hull’s spirit is very similar to
mine, in that we both get in our heads and that is just part of the creative
process. A beautiful mind, be damned, “Pride”is an elegy to those destroyed by poetry and violent heartbreak, as well as a call to arms for all those who have a hole where their heart used to be. “After all”the lyrics that inspire me every fucking day, “it’s me, the king and the beast.” Have some pride and rise. Artist in the ambulance – It’s hard to pick one out from my romance with their entire discography, but this song is personal. The band is personal. Connect with a band like Thrice and you too can live life loud.


1. Boys Don’t Cry-The Cure
2. Cubism Dream-Local Natives
3. Master Blaster-Stevie Wonder
4. Love and Happiness-Al Green
5. Unaware-Allen Stone
Unaware – This song gave me full body chills the first time I heard it and hits hard lyrically.

Boys Don’t Cry – The guitar melody in this tune really drives the song for
me. It speaks to the fact that society sees it as weakness to show emotion.

Boys do cry, boys do cry…

I always loved music, but after I picked up a guitar in high school at age 15 it became my world.  I didn’t really put it down after that.  I then went to college as a music major studying music production.  After graduating, I put a band together and started performing immediately.  We’ve been playing publicly in the music scene for about a year and a half now.  We’ve really learned a lot and grown quickly.  This past year has been the most exciting as we’ve started to play out of our hometown state Maryland.  We played at SXSW in Texas, Florida, New York, and California.  Our latest EP “Thnx For The Ride” released in December of 2017 also charted way higher than we anticipated at #50 on the College Radio Charts on over 160 radio stations throughout the USA.  I also self-produced and recorded that EP which was a lot of work. But hey, I guess it pays off!
Our goal is to really just keep releasing music that people can enjoy and travel to more cities for people to see us play live at.  I think each release keeps getting bigger and bigger and it’s exciting to see where the music takes us on our next release.
Speaking of that, we have a new single coming out on Sept 18 called “Lately Baby” that will be released on all streaming platforms.
Our latest single that we put out is “Before She Knows” which was our first recording we’ve done with an outside producer and we went to Nashville for.  That was honestly just really cool to experience and added a different flavor to the music that I think worked really well for the song.
We’re also heading back to Nashville in October to record a brand new EP!  We’re very excited for to be working on a new batch of songs that will bring more songs into the Rhett Repko universe.  I think it will also have some upbeat happier songs that will be a nice contrast to the “Thnx For The Ride” EP.

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