Featured Artist: Saltlick

Hey there Procrastinators! We have a brand new featured artist here for you today; Saltlick who comes out of Columbus, OH. They took the time to put together a playlist for us and did just a bit of writing to tell us about why they chose the songs that they did.

Here’s what they had to say about some of the songs from the playlist:

Slow Down, Senpai by Oldsoul: Not only are Oldsoul great friends of mine, but they also write some of the best music I’ve ever heard. I insanely vibe with their intricate guitar parts and the intense vocals that come with them.  Overall, they’re probably my favorite band and a main inspiration to me.

How to Make Love Stay by empire! empire!: empire! empire! is one of the bands that really speaks to me in terms of musicality.  I want to encapsulate the same emotion into my songs as this band did, and for that they’re one of my biggest inspirations.

Marine Tigers by The World is a Beautiful Place and I’m No Longer Afraid to Die: When I was still discovering myself as a musician and person, I wanted to listen to all the angsty music I could find.  Because of that, I ended up with TWIABP becoming a mainstay in my music library.  The anthemic motifs and lyrical complexity of this song will forever remind me why I started listening to music like this in the first place.

Your Pain is Mine Now by Title Fight: Title Fight was my introduction into how good a chorus pedal can be.  This song in particular was the first song by Title Fight that I heard, and from there I fell in love with the dreamy sound that came with their later albums.  Now, I can’t help but thank them for being a gateway for the dreamy parts in my songs.

Stick by Snail Mail: When thinking about musicians that most directly influence my writing at present, Snail MAil 100% comes to mind.  Lindsey’s way of expressing angst through her words is something I was drawn to when I first started listening to her music.  As she’s gotten bigger in the scene, I can’t help but appreciate the fact that her music has matured as well and I can’t wait until my music matures much like hers.

My name is Brianna Snider. I am a nineteen-year-old audio engineering student located in Columbus, OH, and I write music as saltlick. I was always a musical kid; the teachers would get annoyed because I would “drum” on the desks during class. After brief stints with different instruments, I picked up a guitar at the age of thirteen and never looked back.

Before saltlick, I would write surfy-sounding songs about menial things in my life that were bothering me (try to see if you can find my old Bandcamp!). However, after about two years of writing these songs, I wanted to truly write about what I was feeling. I could feel that I was holding my own self back both lyrically and musically. So, my one rule for the new project would be that I would write whatever I felt, and execute it to the best of my ability.

I felt like writing under my own name would be too vulnerable, so I picked saltlick based on one of the characters in Animal Crossing. The first EP I put out, “I’d Rather Sleep Alone…” was a mix of emo and electronic vibes, but I quickly favored more guitar-based writing. This leads us to where we are now, where I feel like I have brought saltlick to a point where I’m writing what I want to write and playing what I want to play.

I have a full-length album coming out soon, and those songs are the most proud I’ve been of any project I’ve ever been part of — keep an eye out to see more about the album!

This playlist that I’ve done is basically a screenshot of what I’ve been listening to right now. It has a mix of some of my very talented friends and some of my inspirations when it comes to writing music. All of these songs are bops to me and reflect the music that inspires me and pushes me to improve my sound everyday.

Here are places you can see what I’m up to!

Twitter: @saltlickoh

Facebook: saltlick

Instagram: @saltlickoh


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