Below is a little bit about Kicksie, who they are as an artist, where they came from and what they hope to do in the future:

Kicksie is just me, Giuliana Mormile, some random chick from Toronto, Ontario. I sing and play all of my instruments (although live I have a few friends who play with me, since I can’t split myself into multiple pieces).
I’ve always had the dream to be a musician but never acted on it because it didn’t seem realistic back then. I’m not sure why, but one night sometime in beginning of 2017 I recorded a song using my apple headphones, guitar and Garageband for mobile. I became hooked on the thought of creating and began to pump out multiple EPs, singles and an album that way. I went under many aliases for the next little while because of my indecisiveness but I played with every genre I could before finally settling on Kicksie before 2017 ended.
What started off as me having fun became really serious, really quickly. I spent most of my college tuition savings on getting more equipment and putting more effort into what I did. I switched college programs from graphic design into independent music production in order to make connections in my area and learn as much as possible. Eventually I moved houses and built a little basement studio just in time to write and release Mad Dash last month. I do find myself getting really down and stressed out as a solo project (probably due to isolating myself in my basement from beginning to end of projects) but I don’t dream of stopping.
I really want to push boundaries as I progress with my career. My goal is to be Avatar the Genre Bender before I die and be amazing at what I do. I started completely solo and would potentially like to stay that way. We’re in a period of time where it’s never been harder yet easier to be listened to. People have stopped caring about rules and structure and I am someone who can find peace within that mess.
As far as future projects, you can bet an EP and some singles will be released before the end of the year. I’m collaborating with a bunch of amazing artists right now and The Loud House (my sort-of-collective) has something in the works too.
I want to help advance my music scene both locally and internationally. Having my own record label, studios, venues and a clothing line are all things on my to-do list. I wanna bring all genres of music and especially DIY into places where there isn’t much of it (Toronto). Ultimately I want to be the artist that I wish I had growing up. A safe space for artists and people alike regardless of who they are or where they came from.