Welcome to doittumorrow, your Procrastination Station. Here at doittumorrow we aim to bring you curated playlists with a mixture of new and old, popular and relatively unknown artists alike. We have a mission to try to expand the musical horizons of the listeners, by juxtaposing songs, artists and genres they have heard before with ones that, we hope, are new and interesting.  Since the current incarnation of the doittumorrow project was started in Autumn of 2017 we have brought you over 90 unique playlists featuring over 2,000 songs with new playlists being added every Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday at 6pm EST.

In addition to bringing you playlists that we think you, the listener, will enjoy, we work to bring you in touch with up-and-coming artists from all over the world.  Every other month we feature a new artist, and have them put together a playlist of their influences and favorite artists. And, we try to provide an opportunity for our featured artists to connect with the listeners directly through a live chat feature at tlk.io/doittumorrow .

Ultimately, we hope to build a community revolving around the appreciation for and discovery of music in all of its forms and genres.

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