Superdestroyer has always had a unique appreciation for music in all its forms, you could say he was a hipster, before it was cool. This appreciation led to his entering the DIY music scene. Since June 2017, the Columbus, Ohio artist has put out a new release every two months, each further exploring the edges of their admittedly exploratory sound. Pop punk, emo, hardcore–even bits of hip hop and electronic–for Superdestroyer, nothing seems out of bounds, or out of place.

Maybe it’s all the sleepless nights. With album titles like “Things to Keep You Up At Night,” and lyrics about staying awake for days, Superdestoyer might be the first Ambien Rock band. Their world is the insomniac’s haze, a place peopled by expertly crafted simulations, chill cult leaders, and the sudden certainty of death. Then, a reverby guitar part.

If that sounds a little disorienting, good. Sometimes to really see the world you gotta look at it with both eyes bleary. At least, that’s how Superdestroyer sees it.  It is this perspective that helps him bring the diverse playlists that he has to date.  And working on the doittumorrow project has helped him further broaden his listening horizons, influencing how he approaches the production of his own music.

(Bio Credit: Mike Hugeunor)